Hunters For Hire Pin Set

    Hunters For Hire Pin Set

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      We are are back to bring you our latest collaboration piece. This team-up once again offers their latest dual pin set featuring an iconic space vessel and the ones who pilot it. When you think of bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe, Jango and Boba Fett quickly come into mind. And the Slave I spacecraft they both fly in their primes is just as memorable as the pilots themselves. @BB-CRE.8 and I proudly present the "Hunters for Hire" Dual Pin Set, for all your bounty hunting needs! Don't lose your head or get eaten by a Sarlacc; be sure to get this pin set!

      CHASE EDITION 50pc. Pin Randomly Selected

      Slave I:
      Size : 1.5" x .75"
      Process : Soft Enamel
      Metal Finish : Black Dyed Metal - Silver Metal (chase)
      Double Black rubber pin clutch
      Boba / Jango:
      Size : 1.75" x .1.75"
      Process : Hard Enamel
      Metal Finish : Black Nickel - Detailed Screen Print
      Double Black rubber pin clutch

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