Clan of Two Pin Set

    Clan of Two Pin Set

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      This is the way! BB-CRE.8 and I have teamed up again to bring you a dual pack that you never knew you needed before. Carefully curated and designed with precision, we wanted to offer you the best of both worlds by including the vessel and the occupants that make up this iconic show that took the world by storm! The line work of the Razor Crest is unmatched with so much accuracy and detail while the side profiles of the galaxy's most wanted duo, Mandalorian and the Child, are captured with remarkable realism! We finally are able to offer you one of the coolest pins sets in the galaxy as Leen Customs and BB-CRE.8 present the "Clan of Two" Dual Pin Set. You need this pin set now... I have spoken. 

      Limited Edition 400 pc. Pin Set Randomly Selected

      CHASE EDITION 50pc. Pin Randomly Selected

      Razor Crest:
      Size : 1.5" x .1"
      Process : Soft Enamel
      Metal Finish : Black Dyed Metal - Silver Metal (chase)
      Double Black rubber pin clutch
      Mando / Child:
      Size : 1.75" x .1.75"
      Process : Hard Enamel
      Metal Finish : Black Nickel - Screen Print
      Double Black rubber pin clutch

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