430 Cedric - @jdmtsurikawa

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A Limited Edition series with @JDMTsurikawa Chibaragi is short for CHIBA and IBARAGI prefecture. The Chibaragi style is characterized by Takeyari (long exhaust pointing up) + Deppa (long chin spoiler). It is also very common to have over fenders and cut roof.

Build: NISSAN 430 Cedric - Huge rear spoiler, roof cut, bonnet spoiler, long deppa, one-off wide fenders, kira kira pink paint, Entotsu muffler, 14inch tecchin (modified steel wheels), flashball, mekki door mirrors, Sakura tsurikawa.

Limited Edition 250 pc. Pin Set Randomly Selected

Size : 1.75" x 1.25"
Process : Soft Enamel
Metal Finish : Black Dye Metal 
Double Black rubber pin clutch
430 Cedric - @jdmtsurikawa

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