210 Skyline - @jdmtsurikawa

    210 Skyline - @jdmtsurikawa

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      A Limited Edition series with @JDMTsurikawa FISCO is the old name of FUJI SPEEDWAY. Most of the modified cars from these days are inspired from famous race cars driven at FISCO. The most successful racing cars were called Grand Champion (Gura Chan). By extension, it became the name use to describe heavily modified street versions.

      Build: Datsun 210 Skyline - Works over-fenders, long deppa, red takeyari, duck tail + rear spoiler, SSR MarkII, Classic tsurikawa.

      Limited Edition 250 pc. Pin Set Randomly Selected

      Size : 1.75" x 1.25"
      Process : Soft Enamel
      Metal Finish : Black Dye Metal 
      Double Black rubber pin clutch

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