Leen Customs x DesignerCon 2018

Leen Customs x DesignerCon 2018


We took over Designer Con 2018 with the help of @EnamelMarket and the @PizzaPlanetTruck. Join us on a quick glimpse of the madness we encountered at Dcon this year! We were so stoked to be part of the new location and share the space with many heavy hitters (artist).

One of the most asked questions I get is "how did Leen Customs come to be?" the answer is simple. DesignerCon!

I've checked out Dcon for the last 4 yeas and was stoked with the announcement of the new location since last year was a bit hectic just to walk the show, but it was also was the year that inspired me to create something new for the event. I took my passion for graphic design and something new for me, pins. It was an honor to have such a successful event and a huge thank you to @enamelmarket for inviting me to be part of the show. 

Originator of #PinMyWhip 


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