The Pandra

    The Pandra

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      The story of "The Pandra" is nothing new and If you missed it, there’s no decent way to explain what happened but Trevor from SpeedHunters had a chance to catch up with Allyn and has a perfect write up on this epic story. 

      With such a devastating fire 50,000+ animals were impacted by this evacuation and loss so we have partnered up on a second run to remember the "Perfect marshmallow". 20% of the proceeds will be donated to NVADG ( North Valley Animal Disaster Group) and you can always donate directly.

      Build: Toyota Tundra

      Open Edition

      Size : 1.5" x .75"
      Process : Soft Enamel + Epoxy Print
      Metal Finish : Black Nickel
      Double Black rubber pin clutch

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