71 Mark II - @jdmtsurikawa

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A Limited Edition series with @JDMTsurikawa The style of the MarkII we made is inspired from the Fukuoka Style. Fukuoka (prefecture) is known for super low cars (no suspension), tsuraichi (tight fitment, usually without over fenders), hippari tires (stretched tires) and usually colorful. Most popular cars there are the Toyota Soarer, the MarkII / Chaser / Cresta and Nissan Leopard. Hakata is the name of the main station in Fukuoka City.

 Build : 71 Mark II Hakata Star - Rear chin spoiler, Roof spoiler, star-shaped takeyari, long nose bonnet, oilcooler, SSR MarkIII, Heart tsurikawa.

Limited Edition 250 pc. Pin Set Randomly Selected

Size : 1.75" x 1.25"
Process : Soft Enamel
Metal Finish : Black Dye Metal 
Double Black rubber pin clutch
71 Mark II - @jdmtsurikawa

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